We’re at XpoNorth and Cross Video Days!

This week we are off to XpoNorth and Cross Video Days!

Tuesday 9 June, 10.30 – 12.00 | XpoNorth
Catch Liz Rosenthal present the panel Narrative and New Ways of Storytelling from 10.30 today. Liz will be joined by Euan Macdonald, CryWorks, James Edward Marks, ScreenageRenegade and Neil Cartwright, Million Media. Head to the XpoNorth website for more information.

Thursday 11 June, 11.30 – 12.45 | Cross Video Days
Hear from Liz as she hosts the panel International Digital Co-Production at Cross Video Days from 11.30-12.45. Joining Liz is Rebecca Smit, BR, Margaux Missika, Upian, Malika Ait Gherbi Palmer, Pictanovo and Domenico La Porta, Wallimage. Head to the Cross Video Days website for more information.