By M dot Strange

23 October 2008
at the Studio Cinema, BFI Southbank


Power to the Pixel is delighted to present M dot Strange’s award-winning animated feature film, We Are the Strange (94 mins).

We Are the Strange is its own imaginative and immersive universe. M dot Strange spent three years painstakingly creating this film, using a range of animation techniques: traditional, stop-motion, computer, and his own unique blend of 8-bit graphics and anime, dubbed ‘Str8nime’. The stunning visuals are complemented by a soundtrack that is both beautiful and harrowing. The end result is a freaky technocarnival ride that climaxes with a momentous battle between innocence and darkness.

“M dot Strange represents a new paradigm of filmmaking that could have a profound effect on the traditional model of film production, distribution and animation.”
David Carr, New York Times