Watch our new promo video for The Pixel Market

With the deadline for The Pixel Market on the horizon, we thought we’d give you a little insider tour of what happens during the event in our latest video below.

Composed of The Pixel Market Finance Forum (14 Oct) and The Pixel Market Meetings (15 Oct), The Pixel Market exists to help producers navigate their way through new ways of financing, distributing and producing their projects in order to stay relevant to changing audiences and the connected world.

We’re on the look out for 35 interactive, multi-platform projects to attend. Head to the application page for more information and to apply. The deadline to apply for this year’s edition is Thursday 16 July, 18.00 BST.

The Pixel Market 2015 – Applications close Thursday 16th July, 18:00 GMT. Head to our website for details. from Power to the Pixel on Vimeo.