Videos from PttP Edinburgh Event Now Available Online

Power to the Pixel has just released videos from Tales from the Digital Frontier, the series of cutting-edge presentations and panels it programmed for this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival. So if you didn’t make it to Edinburgh this year, here’s your chance to find out what’s happening at the forefront of digital media.

Highlights include Brian Newman talking about the Tribeca Film Institute‘s innovative Reframe ProjectNicole Yershon presents an overview of Ogilvy ‘s Digital Innovation Labs. Learn how to develop dynamic cross-media film projects from Lance Weiler and Ben Grass.  Review filmmaker case studies like M dot Strange who harnessed his fanbase to help make his animated feature We are the Strange . Find out in Lizzie Gillett‘s ‘A Guide to Crowdfunding: Age of Stupid” how the Stupid filmmakers independently raised a budget of £450,000.

Select episodes to watch in the player below or just click play to see the whole programme.  Programme details are available online.