Presentations and roundtable by:

BRIAN NEWMAN, President, Tribeca Film Institute (US)
SARA POLLACK, Manager Film & Animation, YouTube (US)
FABIO LIMA, Founder, MovieMobz (BRA)
MICHAEL GUBBINS, Editor, Screen International(UK)

With the rapid growth of new on-demand, online services and film and video social networking sites, who amongst them are effectively serving independent films and rights holders in significant new ways?

This session brings together leading online innovators from around the world who are dedicated to increasing access to independent films, often unavailable through traditional distribution channels and the bigger online players.

Speakers will answer the following questions; How are independent focused services dealing directly with filmmakers and rights holders? Is content curated predominantly by audiences or by in-house programmers. What kinds of deals are being done? Are they on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis? With a whole new generation of viewers becoming used to free online media, will audiences pay for download-to-own and rental, or is a free-to-view ad driven model more likely? What kinds of revenues are being generated and how are they being split? Whilst everyone is busy aggregating content on to portals, who is effectively mobilising and aggregating audiences in new ways, guiding them to discover new films?