Leading next-generation media company, Expanding Universe, give a presentation on cross-platform storytelling. They explain how they are working with brands to develop interactive and immersive stories/experiences that integrate the brand’s message at the same time as entertaining audiences.

YOMI AYENI, Creative Director, Expanding Universe

Yomi AyeniYomi is the Creative Director of Expanding Universe, a new company that develops innovative and immersive social entertainment. They develop experiences that engage and entertain audiences, giving the audience the ability to interact in live and immersive multimedia environments. The company has created ground-breaking formats that connect audiences and build strong communities of interest through participation and interaction.

Yomi generates ideas and concepts that engage and connect audiences in the area of social entertainment. With almost two decades of broadcast experience, he has worked for BBC, ITV and Now TV, the first broadband TV channel set up in 2001. Yomi created the first interactive-reality TV programme, Global Emissions, which won the Broadcast “Best Use New Media” award in 2002. He has also set up interactive TV concepts in several countries. In 1998, he produced a consultation document for the BBC on how to incorporate the Internet into news research and has made several films on the emerging digital culture.

CARMEL LANDY, Managing Director, Expanding Universe

Carmel LandyCarmel has over 10 years experience in digital media and held senior positions at MTV International, BBC Worldwide, Thomson Travel Group and TeliaSonera. She has worked at the forefront of the commercial digital sector on an international basis, from the advent of online advertising in the late 90’s at the BBC, to the recent development of mass-market mobile content distribution for MTV International. Carmel has extensive knowledge of the UK and European media market from agencies and blue chip clients to broadcasters, production companies, record labels and mobile networks for content development and distribution. Carmel’s skills and experience cover the set-up and development of start-up teams in high-growth, emerging sectors including the development and account management of multi-million pound advertising, distribution and content licensing agreements.

Carmel is responsible for managing the development and growth of Expanding Universe as a leading company in the social entertainment sector. She is responsible for driving revenues from key clients, as well as developing relationships with key partners from the media and production sectors.