Open content is 10 years behind open source software. It is a wave that can make just as much impact in the media environment as it has in the technology sector. This session looks at reconfiguring your content to take advantage of this changing environment and how to benefit from actively engaging your audience.

MATT HANSON, Film Futurist, Writer and Filmmaker

PhotobucketMatt Hanson is a film futurist; a writer and filmmaker described as an “international film visionary” by Screen International magazine, and recently listed among “Ten people who could change the world” by Forbes. An expert in new moving image forms, he has created a series of projects which explore cinema’s future, including A Swarm of Angels, onedotzero, and various book projects.

His current project, A Swarm of Angels, is a groundbreaking endeavour to fund, film, and distribute a feature film using the Internet and all-digital technologies. It is a new kind of entertainment community, bridging the gap between filmmaker and fan.

Matt founded the massively influential onedotzero Digital Film Festival in 1996 at the dawn of digital filmmaking, which he directed until 2002. The festival quickly became the largest event of its kind in the world with an international touring programme that included Europe, Asia and North America. At his previous production company he was responsible for producing and commissioning award-winning projects, including over 50 short films, and two terrestrial TV series (for Channel 4, UK).

Matt has written a series of digital-age cinema books including The End of Celluloid: film futures in the digital age; Sci-Fi Moviescapes; Motion Blur and Reinventing Music Video. He was also a lead contributor for On Air: a visual history of MTV. He consults on new moving image trends and new entertainment models through his company, V.I.A. He lives in Brighton, England, and is an Academy member of IADAS.

Image courtesy of Future Publishing