Securing Funding & Distribution for your Project in the Digital World

At this year’s Conference we welcomed Rose Adkins, Founder and CEO of ScreenHits, to stage to present the session¬†Securing Funding and Distribution for your Project in the Digital World. Adkins looked at the future of distribution where producers are able to retain more of their rights and find finishing funds for their programmes without having to give all their rights away.

The session looked at the new ways producers can monetise their content, as well as find different avenues of for getting their projects financed. Adkins also discusses the new platforms and existing platforms that allow producers to self distribute and secure pre-sales and the use of the consumer to gather valuable research to help get their project completed and distributed.


Securing Funding and Distribution for Your Project in the Digital World w/ Rose Adkins – The Conference from Power to the Pixel on Vimeo.