The Pixel Pitch 2011 Winner Announced!

With its 5th Cross-Media Forum at an end, The Pixel Pitch competition last Wednesday showcased nine incredibly accomplished cross-media projects from around the world. A mixture of fiction and non-fiction, many of the project teams garnered partnership interest from the international financiers, commissioners and decision-makers who made up the 32-strong jury.

The ultimate accolade went to Love & Engineering being produced by Finland’s Kaarle Aho of Making Movies Oy and directed by Bulgarian Tonislav Hristov, who walked away with the prestigious £6,000 ARTE Pixel Pitch Prize.

A story about digital geeks looking for analogue love, the crowd-pleasing project encompasses a feature-length documentary, interactive website, mobile apps and live events. Production is planned for 2012 with release the following year.

Read the full press release here.