The Pixel Market: 18 international cross-media projects selected

Power to the Pixel will hold a first-of-its-kind marketplace dedicated to financing cross-media projects as part of its four-day Cross-Media Forum in October. 18 projects have been selected from nearly 100 submissions from 23 countries. Nine of the project teams will present In Competition on the second public day of the forum at The Pixel Pitch on 13 October. One lucky winner will walk away with the £6,000 ARTE Pixel Pitch cash prize.

Register now to learn about new finance possibilities that are emerging from across the media industries and to discover what types of projects international commissioners are looking for. A list of confirmed jurors is here. Read on for a full list of selected projects.


1. 94 Elements (UK) – online, broadcast documentary, mobile
Producers: Mike Paterson & Roz Mortimer Production Company: PFILM

2. Dr0id (UK) – multi-player social game, TV series, mobile
Producers: Kevin Moss & Emma Foster Production Company: PlayThisNext

3. Granny’s Dancing on the Table (SWEDEN) – Feature film, ARG, live event, interactive, publishing
Producers: Helene Granqvist & Hanna Sköld Production Companies: Good World; Tangram Film; Ozma Game Design; Kore Productions; MEDEA

4. Korridor (UK) – TV series, gaming, mobile, interactive web, publishing
Producer: Margery Bone Production Company: Bonafide Films

5. Lion vs. Midgets (UK) – Feature film, broadcast, interactive, gaming, mobile
Producer: Raphael Warner Production Company: Joke Disco Films

6. Petrus (FRANCE) – Feature film, online series, mobile, live event, interactive, publishing, album
Producer: Emilie Blézat  Production Company: Sciapode Films

7. Socks, Inc. (USA) – Broadcast, gaming, live event, interactive
Producer: Jim Babb Production Company: Awkward Hug

8. The Artists (BELGIUM) – TV series, gaming, live event, mobile, interactive
Producer: Peter de Maegd Production Company: Caviar Films

9. The Rodshire Archives Project (USA) – TV and web series, gaming, mobile, interactive, publishing
Producer: Julia Pontecorvo Production Company: Iris Media Works


10. I-Dole (FRANCE) – Broadcast, mobile, web
Producer: Jérôme Barthélemy Production Company: Caïmans Productions

11. Legends of Valhalla (ICELAND) – Animated feature film, gaming, mobile, interactive, publishing
Producer: Hilmar Sigurdsson Production Company: CAOZ

12. Madam Samurai (UK) – Publishing, mobile, gaming, interactive, feature film
Producer: Gael McLaughlin Production Company: Madam Samurai Properties

13. Moderation Town (CANADA) – Broadcast, interactive, interactive
Producers: Evan Jones & Victoria Ha Production Company: Stitch Media

14. NetQuest (FRANCE) – Broadcast, gaming, mobile, interactive
Producers: Thibaut Chatel & Guillaume Galliot Production Company: Label Anim

15. Sarahn_12 (USA) – Feature film, gaming, mobile, interactive
Producer: Krista Parris Production Company: Buzz Rickson

16. The Cosmonaut (SPAIN) – Feature film, web series, mobile, ARG
Producer: Nicolás Alcalá Production Company: Riot Collective Cinema

17. The Everyday Walk of Fame (FRANCE) – Broadcast, mobile, interactive
Producers: Marc Lustigman & Noam Roubah Production Company: Darjeeling

18. The Laughter Clinic (UK) – Feature film, mobile, live event, interactive, broadcast
Producer: Ed Blum Production Company: Tin Pan Films