The Pixel Lab: European training for cross-media business

Power to the Pixel’s new cross-media workshop, The Pixel Lab, has been building buzz since launching its call for applications at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Beginning on 4 July 2010, the Lab comprises a six-day residential course in Wales for 40 European media professionals. Up to 20 of those will be producers who will attend with a cross-media project  which they will later present to potential international funders and partners at Power to the Pixel’s Cross-Media Forum in London this October.

A world-class team of tutors with expertise spanning finance, cross-media storytelling, distribution, marketing and new forms of audience engagement, has already been signed up. These include Ray Maguire, President Sony CE for UK, Ireland, Nordic; Brian Newman, former President of the Tribeca Film Institute and cross media expert, Christy Dena.

Power to the Pixel Founder, Liz Rosenthal, has been delighted with the response to date.

“There is clearly a need for this kind of initiative, given the range of interest from nationalities and backgrounds so far.

“We’re using cross media in a very broad sense to look at stories that extend across film, broadcast, online, gaming, mobile and live events. We are very open to what that can be. It’s really about where the audience wants, and is able to, engage with your story.”

Michel Reilhac, Executive Director of Arte France Cinéma and also one of The Pixel Lab’s experts, welcomed the initiative, which he said could bring substance to what is fast becoming a cross media movement.

The deadline for applications is 16 April 2010 with selected participants being announced at the Cannes Film Festival. Further information on the Lab’s tutors can be found here.