Jamie King is founder of the VODO project for distributing and sustaining cultural production via P2P and Director/Producer of the series STEAL THIS FILM, which has been downloaded more than 6m times, broadcast internationally and screened at festivals worldwide. Jamie’s work focuses on the radical creative possibilities offered by new media. He is currently in post-production with a five part net-show and feature, Dark Fibre, commissioned by FACT and Arts Council England.

When not working on projects, Jamie lectures worldwide on the changes digital networks are bringing to creativity and cultural production. In 2008 he keynoted the Creative Commons Conference in Sapporo and spoke at Power To The Pixel held at the London Film Festival. He continues to consult for a number of high-profile firms and organisations including the UK’s Royal Society of Arts, Channel 4 Television and RTL. His essays, articles and ideas are published internationally including in The Times, Guardian and Telegraph newspapers.

He lives at www.jamie.com and in Kreuzberg, Berlin.