Inmaculada Martinez is one of the world’s leading digital media strategists, described by FORTUNE and TIME as one of Europe’s top talents in Human Factors and Social Engagement through technology. A serial entrepreneur since 1999, she has been directly involved in the emergence of many of today’s digital technologies (Web 2.0, Mobile, Wifi, Blogs) and has worked internationally with some of the best talents in the medium. In 2006 she founded Stradbroke Advisors, providing development strategy not just to corporations (Nokia, Apple, Universal, HP, BBC) and venture capitalists (3i, Index Ventures) but to governments. She is also an Advisor to the EU Technology Commission (voted Best Contributor to the Formation of Digital Media Strategy at the 2001 European Leadership Forum, a Fortune 500 CEO and EU Governors summit). In 2005 Red Herring ranked her amongst the top 40 most influential women in technology. Working since 2005 with TV and film production companies in the UK and Australia, she has developed digital media strategies for clients looking to explore further revenue channels, to interact directly and for longer with their audiences and create a seamless connection between the visual art and digital platforms.