22 October 2008
at the Studio Cinema, BFI Southbank
20:30 – 22:30

I F*cking Hate You (9 mins) by writer/director Zak Forsman

In Search Of (106 mins) by writer/director Zeke Zelker

From Here to Awesome is an open source R&D lab for film innovation which is experimenting with a ‘day and date’ festival model. Using both traditional and new media vehicles, filmmakers are empowered to reach audiences directly. The festival has no submission fees and filmmakers retain their rights whilst seeing direct monetary returns from participating distribution outlets who include Amazon, Vudu, Joost, Hulu, Netflix and a growing number of additional outlets.

The film industry is a permission-based culture and From Here to Awesome is a step towards letting filmmakers know that they have options – not getting into one of the major festivals is not necessarily the end of their movie’s life but could actually be the beginning…

Screening will be followed by a Q & A: