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Twitter is a fantastic tool you can use to build and strengthen relationships with your friends and fans.  If you’re not using Twitter yet, consider joining the millions who are – including Power to the Pixel, our invited speakers and many of the jurors participating at The Pixel Pitch.  To keep up with the latest cross-media news, follow @powertothepixel.

Here’s a lowdown of the  tweeting speakers who will be attending our Cross-Media Film Forum in London next week,  their projects and companies:-

Scilla Andreen
@IndieFlix – CEO IndieFlix connecting people through movies

Franny Armstrong
@frannyarmstrong – Director of McLibel and The Age of Stupid
@ageofstupid – Why didn’t we save ourselves when we still had the chance?

Tobias Brauckhage
@moviepilot – daily report (in German) of the latest film news and more

Efe Cakarel
@ecakarelWas I surprised the Prime Minister offered me the use of his Bentley for the evening? No. Was it a good idea to keep it for a week in Cannes? Probably not...
@theauteurs – Watch free films online, share recommendations with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, meet people who share your taste in film

Peter Cowley
@endemolukpress – press office for leading TV production company

Christy Dena
@christydena – I’m currently finishing a PhD on a new form of storytelling & gaming; consulting to clients on cross-platform projects; & I am developing my own projects…

Adam Gee
@SurrealThing – Fish (incl. interactive media/TV commissioner, lover of Simple Pleasures)

Ted Hope
@TedHope – I am a filmmaker

Dan Lawson
@danlawson – filmy musicy picturey gamesy webby losty

Ben Malbon
@Malbonnington – Managing Partner @BBHLabs | Englishman in New York | Embarked on lifelong beta | Entirely personal views expressed here
@BBHLabs – Marketing Skunkworks: new models for marketing, new models for creative businesses (@malbonnington @melex @patsmc)

Karol Martesko-Fenster
@babelgum – A free, revolutionary Internet and Mobile TV platform

Rachel Mordecai
@msmordecai – here

Brian Newman
@bnewman01 – Film person in NYC

Nina Paley
@ninapaley – America’s Best-Loved Known Cartoonist

Michel Peters

Steve Peters
@vpisteve – Alternate Reality Game designer, international bowling ball thief
@NoMimesMedia – Making the world a better place, one less mime at a time

Michel Reilhac
@michelreilhac –  I direct the cinema at ARTE France among many other things… (tweets in French)

Slava Rubin
@GoGoSlava – IndieGoGo, DIWO – Do-It-With-Others, Help film & media industry with fundraising, promotion and distribution. Love food, film, travel. Music Against Myeloma

Kelly Sweeney
@iamkellys – You used to be alright. What happened?
@bebo_fodder – explore | share | connect

Martin Talks
@Talksy – Internet buccaneer

David Varela
@writingstudio – ARG specialist, writer, producer, all-rounder

Nicole Yershon
@ogilvy – Ogilvy Staff Blog Aggregator. Views don’t reflect those of the company but the people within it…

Hunter Weeks
@hunterweeks – indie filmmaker. 10 MPH ( 10 Yards ( Ride the Divide. DIY distribution. photographer. new media marketing

Lance Weiler
@lanceweiler – story architect of film, tv and games – an all around culture hacker
@workbook – Supporting open creativity

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