Download Canada Media Fund’s new white paper ‘Understanding Funders’

We’re delighted to publish the new white paper Understanding Funders by our partner Canada Media Fund in collaboration with SODEC and Power to the Pixel. At this week’s Cross-Media Forum we’ve focused heavily on funders and the different funding opportunities available. Canada Media Fund’s new white paper fits perfectly within this setting providing exclusive insight into the funding approaches, challenges and adaptation strategies available to help funders cope in a changing media environment.

We will use the white paper as a discussion paper at The Think Tank (10 October). Bringing together the worlds leading funds, distributors, entrepreneurs and creators, participants of The Think Tank 2014 will work together to construct a new set of business models relevant to the current media climate. You can find out what the outcomes of the Think Tank are in the Think Tank Report 2014, free to download here.

In the meantime, take a read of the new white paper Understanding Funders. Download your copy here.