Interviewing The Pixel Market Prize Sponsors

Autumn is getting closer, and so is the 8th edition of The Pixel Market, the largest and most established finance market dedicated to getting cross-media projects off the ground, which will be held in London on 8-9 October. 2014

As the deadline approaches, we asked our four prize sponsors to share their expectations for this year’s projects.

Find out what it takes to be a winner in this multiple interview featuring:

  • Lili Blumers,  Commissioning Editor,, France
  • Nuno Bernardo, CEO and Producer, beActive
  • Nasim Miradi, Producer, Cinekid for Professionals
  • Amy Dotson, Deputy Director & Head of Programming, IFP

  • Milton Tabbot, Senior Director of Programming, IFP

What are your expectations about this year’s Pixel Market projects?

LB – For a French broadcaster like ARTE, The Pixel Market is an interesting opportunity to meet new projects and most of all to discover the teams behind them. It gives us every year the opportunity to discuss with foreign producers, broadcasters and creators who do not have the possibility of coming to France.

NB – We recognised that the Pixel Market and the Power to the Pixel week in London became the most important event for this new cross-media industry that keeps growing and is now a de facto member of the Entertainment Industry.

NM – Digital content often needs technical innovation so co-production and collaboration with distribution specialists or strong established partners are a necessary thing. I expect a lot of these collaborations at this year’s Pixel Market.

AD & MT – The Pixel Market’s curation is always top-notch and introduces IFP and the U.S. marketplace to a wide-range of independent, 21st century artists, producers, coders, entrepreneurs and designers making work that pushes the boundaries of storytelling.

In which way should the winner raise the bar in order to deserve your prize?

LB – The Pixel Prize winner should be the most innovative project in terms of storytelling and the user experience it proposes. But it should also be built on a realistic audience perspective.

NB – We are looking for a scripted project that can engage global audiences through its narrative – an outstanding story for the international marketplace.

NM – Innovation combined with creative and artistic quality is our main criteria. But we’re also very interested in projects in the market with the potential to cross borders, both physically (country and/or continents) as well as content-wise.

AD & MT – Originality, originality and originality. Projects we are most excited about often tackle controversial subjects, introduce wildly engaging and often hilarious world views, and challenge traditional forms. If there is a cinematic quality or element to the project, we’re interested but certainly not limited to that particular platform.

Your company has been involved with Power to the Pixel for quite some time now. What have you found most exciting about our relationship and what challenges do you think the future has in store for us?

LB – The relationships and the quality of the encounters that ARTE could make with professionals from different backgrounds through every year’s Power to the Pixel meetings have been valuable. The Pixel Market still remains an important networking place for European broadcasters alongside with more traditional TV Marketplaces.

NB – Cross-media is not an exception anymore, but you see more and more cross-media projects being produced, as you also see big television series and movies going the cross-media route as a way to engage these new audiences that are always on and consuming content on multiple platforms.

NM – We love this collaboration with Power to the Pixel as it represents a ‘new school ‘ attitude within a digital world without borders. It is an attitude characterised by an open mind and generosity to help and reach out. This is the key to success.

AD & MT – With the recent launch of the “Made in NY” Media Center, IFP is further able to help artists and producers complete their latest works, grow their companies, sustain their careers and make long-term, meaningful connections with innovators, industry and audiences.  The selected project will not “pass through” an IFP program, but rather at the culmination of Film Week, become a part of a larger community that offers year-round access to cutting-edge funders, technologists, entrepreneurs and artists working out of the space, as well as career-spanning opportunities for professional growth.

To submit your project to The Pixel Market, please visit our application page