As The Dust Settles

A 50 foot sculpture of a man catches on fire, the temple burns to the ground, another dust storm hits and as the dust settles, you realise you are alive.

In August 2008, in the middle of the Nevada desert, 50,000 people met up to celebrate creation, life and destruction at Burning Man.
12 people decided to capture their experience of this profound social experiment. Surrounded by artistic expression in every direction, they were encouraged to reinvent themselves. A hard look in the mirror brought them to confront their fatal flaws.

They slipped HD cameras into their pockets, strapped hidden cameras to their foreheads, threw RED cameras over their shoulders with each person’s experience becoming central to the filmmaking process.

Individuals will edit together their particular stories from the huge collection of footage accumulated. Each individual short story will be released across social networks and mobile phones with a feature-length mash up released on Blu-ray and screenings at alternative theatrical venues.


At the age of 16, Arin Crumley began experimenting with low-res digital video equipment, making short documentaries and abstract video art to display behind his band’s electro concerts.

Today, The Wall Street journal lists Arin among the top 20 new media moguls, and applauds the co-creation (with Susan Buice) of the popular independent film and online video series, Four Eyed Monsters. The project has become a cult phenomenon. To date, the video podcast has received over 2 million views and cinemas across America have booked the film due to its online fanbase. The film was nominated for two Spirit Awards and in June 2007 became the first feature film to be posted in its entirety on YouTube.

Arin is in pre-production on several new projects and is the co-founder of From Here to Awesome, a film festival which is designed to demonstrate a new distribution model available to all filmmakers that have an Internet connection.