The 78 Project is selected for the 3rd Kickstarter Film Festival

We’re delighted to announce that The 78 Project will feature at the Kickstarter Film Festival in New York this weekend!

Selected for last year’s Pixel Market, The 78 Project follows filmmakers Lavinia Jones Wright and Alex Steyermark as they travel across America recording new and renowned musicians on blank 78″ records (remember those?) using a 1930’s-style Presto. Since presenting at the Market, the team has successfully raised over $60,000 on Kickstarter!

Catch it in Brooklyn this Saturday 3 August – head to the Festival’s website for more information.

Think your project has got what it takes to feature at this year’s Pixel Market? There’s still time to apply! Application deadline is this Thursday 1 August, 18.00 BST.