Power to the Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum 2015

Bringing together media’s leading international creators, financiers and commissioners from across the fields of film, TV, interactive, online, mobile, gaming, publishing and the arts, Power to the Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum, held in association with the 59th BFI London Film Festival, showcased the latest ideas and innovations of modern storytelling, audience engagement and business practices.

At The Conference the people leading the way in story innovation, cross-platform brand-building and audience engagement presented a series of talks around interactive story worlds, sustainable business models, audience behaviour and a collection of cutting-edge projects to a 400 strong live audience.

THE PIXEL MARKET – The Pixel Market Finance Forum 14 Oct  & The Pixel Market Meetings 15 Oct
Now in it’s 9th edition, The Pixel Market exists to help producers navigate their way through new ways of financing, distributing and producing their projects in order to stay relevant to changing audiences and the connected world. Spread across two jam-packed days, 35 project teams met over 100 potential financial and creative partners, showcased their idea to a 400 strong live audience and uncovered what the top financiers, commissioners and distributors are looking to support this year.

At The Think Tank we sat down with a group of international funds, financiers, innovators and commissioners who are leading the way in supporting and producing digital and interactive innovation to discuss and make future recommendations for the film and media industries. You can discover the outcomes of the day by downloadin your copy of the Think Tank Report 2015 here.