WAIT FOR ME | Mélange & Oval Film GmbH (DE/FR)


MICHEL REILHAC Interactive & VR Storyteller, Mélange (FR)
Former head of cinema for ARTE France until end 12, Michel Reilhac has been involved in co-producing close to 300 international independant feature films. He resigned at the end of 2012. He now focuses his work as an independant producer / director on exploring interactive storytelling in all its aspects. He most recently has been focusing on making VR films, with a special attention towards fiction and series. His recent work includes the augmented reality experience designed for Musée d’Orsay in Paris financed by Orange: www.entrezdanslatelier.fr; and the app Sphere designed for Scuola Holden in Torino, Italy. He has just completed his latest VR film Viens!.

ROBERT CIBIS Transmedia Producer, Oval Film GmbH (DE)
Robert Cibis is a producer and director of documentary and theatrical films, who evolved into being a transmedia-producer. Along with his partner Lilian Franck, he directed the award-winning fly-on-the-wall feature length documentary Pianomania, which has been released theatrically in 25 countries.  He was a co-recipient of the Ekotopfilm 2007 prize for a two-part documentary called Disgustingly Healthy.

Robert studied European Film Production at the Femis in Paris, and at the Film Academy in Baden-Württemberg.  He previously studied the Art and Science of Film in Rome and also received a Master’s degree at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris.