PAULA ZUCCOTTI Founder, The Overworld (AR)


The Conference | 10.10 – 10.30
Starting with People
In 2013, Paula told us that any transmedia storytelling project should first focus on how audiences traverse between reality and fiction and the design of their interaction with content before thinking about which platforms best unlock each touch point.
She spoke about our relationship with content evolving from acquisition to accessibility to interpretation as an expression of identity and perspective, adding that the strongest artistic forms will be those that enable us to view our own play and embed our own perspectives, either to self-broadcast or as a keepsake.
She is back this year to delve deeper into the principles, methods and approach required to gain those insights.
She will also share her learnings from her upcoming Penguin book, Every Thing We Touch, in which she documents our interaction with objects. She travelled around the world to photograph the story of people’s lives through the objects they touched in one day.

Paula Zuccotti is an ethnographer, industrial designer, trends forecaster and the founder of The Overworld, a London creative consultancy that specialises in research, insights, strategy, design and production working for clients such as Google Creative Lab, Starbucks, LG and Nike. She is the author of the forthcoming Penguin book Every Thing We Touch: A 24 hour Inventory of our Lives where she photographed the lives of over 60 people around the world told by the objects each touch in a day. Paula travels the world researching people’s everyday lives and uncovers insights that lead to the creation of successful products, brands and services. She works at the intersection of people, culture and technology and advises clients on the future.