OH MOSCOW | Adventure Pictures Ltd. (UK)


CHRISTOPHER SHEPPARD – Producer, Adventure Pictures Ltd. (UK) 

Christopher Sheppard founded Adventure Pictures when he first joined forces with writer/director Sally Potter in 1990. The Oscar-nominated Orlando (1992), marked his debut as a feature film producer and was one of the first ever multi-country European co-productions. This was followed by The Tango Lesson (1997), The Man Who Cried (2000), Yes (2004), Rage (2009) and Ginger & Rosa  (2012). Christopher first worked as a journalist, a consultant for various United Nations agencies (including UNICEF and WHO), then as co-editor of the New Internationalist magazine. He has also directed many documentary films and produced a number of innovative internet projects.

ANNA JANCSÓ – Producer, Adventure Pictures Ltd. (UK/HU) 

Anna Jancsó has extensive experience in journalism and film in Europe and Latin-America. Her work as a producer has been broadcast on ARTE, ZDF, Odissea, Mezzo and Arts Channel Australia and gained prestigious recognition, amongst them the FIPA D’Or and Film London “London Calling” awards. Credits include the documentaries A Different Way (2008) and El destello (2011), the feature Forgotten Man (2014) and the short film Little Soldier (2015). Now based in London, Anna is working with Christopher Sheppard at Adventure Pictures on a number of projects for writer/director Sally Potter, and also makes shorts and features as an independent producer.