GABO ARORA Senior Advisor & Filmmaker, United Nations (US)


The Conference | 16.30 – 16.50
Virtual Stories, Real-World Change
Virtual reality has changed the way we look at gaming and entertainment, but can it change the way we look at some of the world’s most pressing issues? Gabo Arora has traveled from a refugee camp in Jordan to a slum in Liberia recovering from the effects of an Ebola outbreak, all the while creating VR films that build empathy, bridge distances, and inspire people to action.
In his session, Gabo will discuss how he working alongside the United Nations to make virtual reality, and new technologies in storytelling, a catalyst for real world change.

Gabo Arora is a Senior Advisor to the United Nations and award-winning filmmaker with extensive global experience in advocacy projects related to sustainable development, human rights, post-conflict and emergency relief.  His current focus is on new technologies that promote social causes and make decision-making processes more inclusive. Among these projects, he has developed a viral video campaign for the climate change summit, and worked with internet influencers to promote accountability on global humanitarian aid assistance. His most recent work was as a co-creator, director and producer of the UN’s first-ever virtual reality film series focusing on vulnerable populations.