DAVE RANYARD Sony London Studio Director, Sony (UK)


The Conference | 15.45 – 16.30
Virtual Stories: Diving into a New Storytelling Dimension

Three of the world’s leading virtual reality experts will share their vision of the future of immersive storytelling, show examples of projects and discuss new business opportunities for this powerful new platform.

Dave is director of Sony’s London Studio, overseeing Sony’s critically acclaimed ventures into the world of virtual reality on PlayStation. Recent demos include The Deep, The London Heist and The Getaway, exhibited around the world at key games industry events such as E3, GDC and Gamescom.
During nearly twenty years in the industry Dave’s has taken on a variety of roles, ranging from programmer to executive producer. He has worked on a wide portfolio from SingStar to Wonderbook, culminating most recently with key involvement in Sony’s Project Morpheus, a virtual reality headset due for release in 2016.