DANIEL SINGER CEO, Mavens of London (UK)


The Conference | 11.10 – 11.30
Using Data To Make The Most Out Of Two Ping Pong Balls And An Old Coat
Online data is being mined by brands to understand the conversations around their products and services, to identify new opportunities, and also to guide product planning, marketing, R&D, and even M&A.
These same techniques can provide valuable insights for film, television, and games creators by revealing audience interests, the topics fans are passionate about, and also identifying how these themes can be engaged with and built on.
This session will explore ways to harness online consumer data to shape creative planning, size opportunities, build an investment case for new IP and existing properties, and find out what would be best to make out of things lying around your house.

Daniel is the CEO of Mavens of London. Mavens provides research, strategy, and activation for some of the world’s largest brands. By aggregating and utilising data of all kinds Mavens are able to provide insights into people and their behaviour – breaking down difficult business problems, and providing clear and actionable solutions. At Mavens Daniel has provided strategy and insight for brands such as Unilever, Toyota, Electrolux, and BBC Worldwide.
Before Mavens Daniel has been a media and telecoms consultant with KPMG, a project leader in Ofcom’s Strategy Team, and briefly a runner on various kids TV shows.