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MARCOS FERREIRA – Executive Producer/CEO, mobCONTENT (BR)

Marcos Ferreira is a managing partner at mobCONTENT. He won the 2013 Young Creative Entrepreneur award, sponsored by the British Council. He was featured as an outstanding entrepreneur involved in creative economy. The company was selected by the Rio Criativo incubator in 2012. He has many international awards, such as Sunny Side of The Doc (France, 2013), as well as national ones, such as bids from Rio Filme (2013), CECID/Riosoft (2013), SEC-RJ (2013) and MINC (2012). He has been invited to international events on transmedia and SVA in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, German and Canada. The company is also one of the country’s main distributors of OTT and SVA services.