ALEX AYLING Head of BBC Worldwide Digital Studios, BBC Worldwide (UK)


The Conference | 15.25 – 15.45
Digital Growing Pains at the BBC
How is the UK’s oldest broadcaster adapting to meet the needs of an emerging global audience that is learning how to watch TV, without a TV?
BBC Worldwide Digital Studios is a new team designed to respond to the ways that the future global audiences of the BBC are consuming content. This session will explore their new approach with specific explanations of:
/ Changing the culture of brand building, moving from being a broadcaster to engaging our fans in genuine conversation.
/ How evolutions – not revolutions – in storytelling are required to adapt to an entirely on-demand world
/ Change your editorial (and hiring!) strategy and create shortcuts to
/ Publishing on social media platforms to innovate, prototype… and fail… in public
/ Our new approach to the commissioning and creation of digital deliverables (otherwise known as how we’re killing off crap “online exclusives” that nobody wants to make or watch)

Alex is the Head of BBC Worldwide Digital Studios. His team focuses on the creation of original content for the web – any shape,  any size, any platform.  His remit includes the management of online communities for BBC Worldwide’s biggest brands, including Top Gear, Doctor Who, BBC Earth & Sherlock as well as the BBC Worldwide YouTube Network that encompasses 15 channels. Prior to BBC Worldwide, Alex worked as a multiplatform commissioner and producer, creating shortform series about power, the paranormal, parenting and the Paralympics as well as some things that didn’t begin with P.