Brands Offer a New Way to Fund Projects

22.03 2009

Brands have established a history of sponsoring Hollywood cinema, with names like Ray Ban, Reeses Pieces and Aston Martin making cameo appearances in memorable blockbuster films.  But today’s brand marketeers are having to look beyond simple motion picture product placement in order to remain visible and reach their increasingly fragmented audiences.  Read More

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Interview with Brian Newman, President and CEO of the Tribeca Film Institute

11.03 2009

Last month Brian Newman, President & CEO of the Tribeca Film Institute (TFI), shared his industry expertise at a series talks programmed by Power to the Pixel called “The Indie Filmmaker’s Guide to the Internet” at the Berlin Talent CampusRead More

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Power to the Pixel at SXSW Film Festival

10.03 2009

Power to the Pixel’s Liz Rosenthal will be attending the SXSW Film and Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas.  Like many of the other premier international film festivals, SXSW focuses on discovering and supporting new talent.  But what makes this festival truly unique is its emphasis on the interactive.  By bringing the tech and film communities together to discuss new ideas and the use of emerging technologies, SXSW functions as a breeding ground for innovation in the creative industries. Read More

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Crowdsourcing: Using Audiences to Bankroll Projects

04.03 2009

Loyal fans are the lifeblood of artists and essential to sustaining any creative career.  Now, with online tools that enable direct connections, filmmakers can reach out to their fans for support in the early stages of project development.  Whether aiding the funding, production or distribution of a film, crowdsourcing is a collaborative way to overcome barriers in the filmmaking process. Read More

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Top Prize, Finance and Launch for Power To The Pixel’s Projects

01.03 2009

The filmmakers who participated in Power to the Pixel’s Project Forum launch in October 2008 have all made significant progress on their projects in the past four months. These pioneering projects are now well on their way to being realised and have already experienced the success of winning an award, receiving funding and launching online.  Here’s an update on some of them. Read More

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